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The Pillows - Last Dinosaur
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Last Dinosaur - The Pillows from Happy Bivouac


It’s Friday. All political parties are worthless, we dump our soldiers in landfills, greek yogurt makes gallons of toxic waste, and we’re quite overdue for an ice age. So fuck the world and everyone in it! Sit back and enjoy The Pillows, coming to you from 1999.

To all you beautiful bastards out there, Omnuspowered loves ya. Have a wonderful night, and stay gold.




Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People


This is back in the Twin Cities where I went to law school.

The MPLS/STP police force have been KNOWN for their brutality. I’m so glad that someone caught this bullshit. They get away with way too much.

TRIGGER WARNING, THOUGH. It will piss you the fuck off.

People think that Minneapolis doesn’t have any issues because we don’t have any black people in Minnesota. WRONG. They are worse up there, actually.

This chokes me up.